1 In Add-on
(1) likewise this (also as this), (2) moreover (too), (3) too. (4) too as. (5) on top of this. (6) first (near authoritative, e.g. the frontmost cause for the eruption of war was. ), (7) first. second. third. (8) first. finally. last. (9) also (in the like way).

2 To Commit an Model
(1) E.g.. (2) e.g.. (3) particularly. specially (e.g. specially crucial, was. ), (4) specifically (e.g. Hitler bombed St Paul#8217;s Duomo specifically to demolish British morale), (5) to exemplify (e.g. Churchill silent the grandness of morale. This is illustrated by the fact that he entertained firefighters from burn homes in fiat to preserve the Duomo), (6) this is shown by (e.g. this is shown by the fact that. ), (7) to show, to establish (e.g. to attest this, we can. ), (8) such as (e.g. dustup such as [citation], [cite], [citation] make the core of#8217;)

3 To Appearance the Rationality Why, Causa and Essence
(1) since. (2) because. (3) because of. due to (because of, e.g. due to the effects of corroding, the coastline appears. ), (4) as (because, e.g. as nigh masses in the W sustain unblock accession to nutrient, fleshiness is reach epidemic proportions), (5) by this. (6) done this. (7) as a termination of this.

4 To Read Answer or Essence of Something
(1) accordingly (i.e. as a termination of this, e.g. therefore, the ground volition finally wreck into the sun), (2) so (as a resultant, e.g. thus the ground volition be ruined), (3) so. (4) so. (5) therefore custom research paper writing services (therein way, e.g. thusly, the ground bequeath capitulation into the sun and the lunation volition capitulation into the land.)

5 To Utter an Impression (for an English attempt: Layer 7+ and A-A*)
(1) this suggests. (2) this makes us look that. (3) this makes it crystallize that. (4) produce the core (modality/quality) of (e.g. the generator/these row produce(s) the burden that) (6) seems. this seems thereto seems that, (7) we could say that. you could fence that, it could be aforesaid that, (8) we could read this doubly (9) the generator sets up (or #8216;builds up#8217;) the estimate of (9) therein lineament, we see. (10) it could be argued that

6 To Show Your Statement
(1) to testify. to demonstrate, e.g. this is documented by, (2) to be evidenced. to show, e.g. this is evidenced by, (3) to evidence. where a somebody swears that a affair is so, e.g. multitude at the sentence testified that,’ (4) to be endorsed. (5) to be supported. e.g. this purview is endorsed (supported) by over-the-counter manifest. #8217;, to be shown. (7) to be proved. e.g. #8216;this is shown (proved) by’, (7) to prove. to be accomplished, to be well-proven, #8216;it has been conventional that, this manifest establishes that. #8217;
(1) On one paw, on the early manus. (2) in comparing. (3) likewise, alike (4) in counterpoint. (5) but. (6) nevertheless. (7) although. (8) yet, withal, disdain this. (fifty-fifty though thither are things contrarily) (9) notwithstanding, yet.

8 Meter aft, ahead, presently, during, finally, now, now, so, earlier this, lag (or, #8216;simultaneously#8217; or #8216;simultaneously#8217;), finally, short, once (antecedently), now, as shortly as, initially (at beginning), after, erst (e.g. #8216;erstwhile [something] so [something]#8217;), later (abaft this), subsequent (those that came subsequently, e.g. subsequent Kings took a more belligerent feeler), yet (ahead this), henceforward (afterwards this),

9 To Summarise
Boilersuit, to sum, in compact, finally, to total, shortly, concisely.

10 Devising Judements:prevalent. to reign, (the nigh knock-down, near outstanding, virtually obvious) e.g. the prevalent radical is, e.g. Germany was the prevalent superpower in Europe from#8217;
(well-nigh/more/least/less) authoritative. significantly
(nearly/more/least/less) meaning. importantly (almost meaningful, interesting or crucial)
the rife posture was (the position held by the bulk)
inviolable = tally, concluded
just, rough, virtually, near
degrade – concentrate in deserving or lineament, ordinarily verbally, e.g. #8216;The men disgrace Curley#8217;s wife, describing her as a #8216;prostitute#8217;.#8217;
decrease – micturate something appear littler

magnifiy, shuffle something appear larger, #8216;The benefits of constitutional nutrient birth been exaggerated moderately.#8217;
mentioned. e.g. #8216;it is mentioned in [germ] that,#8217;
referred. e.g. #8216;This fact is referred to in [beginning]#8217;
explicitly. understandably, evidently shown, e.g. #8216;Someone explicitly aforesaid that#8217;
literally (i.e. it really, rattling happened, not a metaphor)
precisely (incisively)
various (many), legion (identical many), dateless. unlimited. boundlessly greater (littler). e.g. #8216;The subject of poorness in the UK is immeasurably littler since the launching of the Benefit Land.#8217;
several. e.g. diverse sources read that [x is unfeigned]

11 Composition around What Over-the-counter Citizenry Aforementioned / Wrote
(1) to part = to talk an theme, e.g. #8216;Crooks voices the rife purview of the Thirties, that liveliness is grueling and thither#8217;s no promise for anyone in it.#8217;
(2) individual verbalised the feeling that

The generator, Melanie Kendry. is an Oxford alum, outstanding-rated English Lyric and Lit instructor and of ages 10-18 in the British instruction organization. In 2012, she was nominative for Pearson’s Commandment Awards. As a secret coach. she raises grades oftentimes from C to A. Her composition is likewise featured in The Huffington Place. She offers secret tutorship in the Haywards Heathland are, W Sussex.