Source iOS Growth Shop

The First iOS Growth Shop is a gravid way to acquire almost iOS growing in the Stockholm part. Jackfruit Nutting. source of respective iOS scheduling books including Commencement iOS 6 Evolution. bequeath lede this shop. Knave has all-encompassing get with Apple’s developer technologies, and has been fashioning iOS and Mac package for many eld.

The following shop is existence plotted for this tumble/overwinter in Stockholm and leave screening the up-to-the-minute changes in Xcode 5 and iOS 7. Hardly a few seating volition be uncommitted, so middleman us if you’re concerned in attendance.

If you’ve been cerebration around acquiring started with Apple’s Chocolate Ghost frameworks to body-build indigen apps for iPhone and iPad, this is a heavy chance to see from one of Sweden’s prima experts on Chocolate Ghost maturation. You’ll welcome personalised statement and explanations in a well-disposed aura. Whether you wishing to habitus iOS apps to accompaniment your companionship’s existent offerings or make something images for iphone app development whole new, this shop volition be a bang-up way to rise to upper with Apple’s tools and technologies for edifice iOS apps.

  • Theme variation from
  • Digital eBook from Apress

What you’ll study

  • Programing in Objective-C. See the ins and outs of one of the fastest-growing scheduling languages about (as shown in the modish TIOBE Scheduling Community Indicant ).
  • Victimization the Chocolate Trace frameworks to physique high-quality aboriginal apps.
  • Fashioning the about of Apple’s developer tools, Xcode and Port Constructor.
  • Applying park Objective-C custom patterns to workplace with the Chocolate Signature frameworks.
  • Treatment Certificates, Provisioning Profiles, and iTunes Relate to posit your apps to Apple.

What you’ll indigence

  • Pro package exploitation see. This shop is for newcomers to iOS, but not newcomers to the mankind of programing!
  • Know in object-oriented scheduling in leastwise one speech.
  • A Mac functional OS X Painter (10.8) or Mavericks (10.9), with Xcode 5 and the iOS 7 SDK already installed.

The Docket

The shop runs 3 entire years. We’ll jump at 9:30 every dawn, and conclusion at around 4:30 in the afternoon. Dejeuner, beverages, and snacks volition be provided apiece day. Liaison us if you bear especial dietetic requirements.

Almost the fix

The shop leave hap at The Ballpark. set on Sveavgen in key Stockholm.

Reservation Pricing

The terms of attending is 15000 SEK or 1750 Euro, not including VAT/moms. To record your smirch, place an e-mail to and we’ll settle to you with requital details.

Any Questions?

If you bear any questions some this shop, hardly transmit an e-mail to and we’ll settle to you as shortly as we can.