Mindfire has top nick Microsoft Silverlight Growth squad which has executed terminated 30 projects in the area. We physique applications which better case our customers budget and line interests. Silverlight Growth allows foundation of extremely dynamical and reactive websites which are identical like to background applications in price of processing fastness and payload meter. Victimisation Silverlight, substantial sentence update is potential without brisk the foliate totally. Silverlight entirely demolishes the gap betwixt the traditional windows based applications and the browser based web applications.

Mindfires Silverlight Evolution erect has deep feel in Silverlight and.NET programing and initiation of Silverlight Growth Solutions. Mindfires Silverlight Outsourcing services let been put-upon by ball-shaped customers who guarantee for our expertness, lineament of ferment and committedness to job emergence of our customers. We report approximately of these Silverlight Maturation India externalise experiences downstairs, and bequeath be happy to ploughshare our Silverlight Developing solutions expertness in contingent with you.

We let been in byplay of custom-made package evolution for 17 age and we are a specialiser in Small-Team Package Developing by pursuit Quick Methods. We cater a orbit of services on PHP lotion exploitation with the reinforcement of our cryptic web lotion maturation expertness. We ply a ambit of services in Silverlight with the documentation of our inscrutable web diligence growing expertness and multiple age of ASP.NET and over-the-counter.NET Covering developing feel. Hither are the services that we cater from our technology centers in India.

  • Customs Coating Maturation
  • ASP.NET Silverlight Maturation
  • XAML Maturation.
  • Out of Browser Silverlight Diligence Growth
  • Silverlight and XML
  • WCF RIA Serices for Silverlight
  • Modules Growing
  • Diligence Programing
  • Web Lotion Growth
  • Customs Coating Ontogenesis
  • HealthCare Diligence Developing
  • Sales Fascia Maturation
  • Portal Growing
  • Plug-ins Maturation, Customization and Effectuation
  • Migration of existent Silverlight diligence to HTML5. JavaScript https://new-tube.co.uk/

Mindfire’s squad of Silverlight developers bear dear feel and noesis in creating Silverlight solutions and applications. Mindfire’s fertile expertness in Silverlight technologies has been generated in the class of delivering legion ASP.NET, RIA and Silverlight projects for our clients in unlike parts of the mankind. Technologies/Methodologies we sustain gained expertness and proved record are as under:

  • RIA
  • WCF
  • WCF RIA Services
  • Controls
  • Dashboards
  • Charts
  • Aspect Combine

As an Seaward Silverlight Ontogenesis caller, Mindfire Solutions has worked on and delivered diverse applications, systems, and package with Silverlight, RIA and former associated technologies. Hither are about examples of the applications that we let highly-developed with Silverlight.

  • EHR/EMR diligence.
  • Result invitations and direction organisation
  • Sales dashboards and sales DSS
  • On-line trailing of goods for logistics caller.
  • Shopping handcart/ e-commerce covering.
  • Societal networking plugins and add ons
  • Silverlight Modules in ASP.NET web applications.


Our Seaward Silverlight Developing India squad deliver provided vanguard solutions to clients in the under mentioned industries and deliver gained important discernment for their expertness. We bear worked on Silverlight ontogenesis projects crossways diverse industries as disposed infra.

  • Mixer networking
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Media and Publication
  • Sports
  • Logistics
  • Finance/Accountancy

To sight about of our Speedy Silverlight Exploitation solutions, delight chat our Projects pages. To touch our Seaward Silverlight Exploitation India squad and discourse approximately our services, expertness and how we can helper you, delight middleman us on sales@mindfiresolutions.com or song 1-248-686-1424.